You know, I know for a fact that they are still getting hot java at Carver. But we need the stools for wood shop. Wait. Look, it’s over, okay? share. Those scenes are not in this transcript. You know, I reek of management potential. FINN: (voice over) That really got to me when Mr. Schuester said that, because every day of my life, I expect more out of myself. I looked it up. I’ll give you that. FINN: For almost four months now. PUCK and other football players are standing nearby.]. Then they mixed their sperm together and used a turkey baster. How are things? CLASSROOM - DAY. [KEN blows his whistle to get their attention. Let’s run it again. SIGNATURE INCLUDE Cory Monteith - Finn Hudson Lea Michele - Rachel Berry Dianna Agron - … Possession is eight-tenths of the law. [CUT TO: EXT. I got to help her… cook and, uh, do things. This is amazing. Related Documents. Marley is surprised by this but Jake says to keep it between them. AUDITORIUM - DAY. [CUT TO: INT. EMMA: It’s really nice how much you care about Glee, about the kids. SANDY: Better: medical marijuana. You’ll lose your football scholarship. WILL stares at the sheet, dismayed.]. ... A familiar-looking high school glee club is shocked when they find their backup musicians aren't there to back them up. [PUCK throws a slushie in RACHEL’s face. Menken. I really do. ], [CUT TO: INT. WILL: That was the greatest moment of my life. FINN: (voice over) My mom took it real hard when Darren left her for that girl he met at Pick & Save. Okay? FOOTBALL FIELD - DAY. WILL is packing up his things. KURT: And it’s the first time we’ve been kind of good. Let’s go. SUE is yelling at her Cheerios. SUE: Your resentment is delicious. This tumblelog is powered by Tumblr, and was designed by Bill Israel. You know, if you can get a couple of the popular kids to sign up, the rest will fall right in line. He takes off his jacket and hands it to FINN. Finn, I think if we worked on it, you could hit a high “B.”. Download & View Glee Pilot Script 1x01 as PDF for free . ], [CUT TO: INT. [Sheets N’ Things EMPLOYEE returns with a toilet cover.]. [CUT TO: INT. One day you guys are going to grow up and understand that. KEN is standing at the front of the room with WILL. To this day, we don’t know which one is my real dad, which I think is pretty amazing. Once WILL leaves, EMMA walks up to the sheet and puts her name down. ], [CUT TO: INT. Now, Carmel’s gonna be the team to beat at regionals. WILL: Oh my God, it’s like the best I’ve ever had. And I want the agony out of your eyes! I’m, uh, monitoring after-school detention. FIGGINS is punching away at his calculator.]. WILL: If we show at regionals, Glee stays; if not, the bar’s open on the auditorium. FINN reaches down to touch QUINN’s butt. (to WILL) Call me. KURT: I’m sorry, did I miss the election for queen? WILL: I haven’t had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in a really long time. Glee Pilot Script 1x01 November 2019 244 (don't fuck with me) Is this some kind of ploy to make me stay on this date? AUDITORIUM - DAY. [FINN shakes his head. I’m Beyonce. WILL: My passion is teaching, Terri. [CUT TO: INT. I’m overreacting. I-I love her. Uh-uh, Lance, don’t you start crying! WILL: Well, I need more kids - performers - and all the best ones are in the Cheerios, so I figured some of them might want to double up. So, I got tickets to Monster Trucks this weekend. You need some guidance. SHEETS N THINGS - DAY. And you’ve got to use the costumes and props you already have. Joel Begleiter and Lauren Meltzner. WILL: This isn’t about you guys. I won my first dance competition when I was three months old. FINN: All right. AUDITORIUM - DAY. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When Glee Club starts bringing that kind of prestige to the school again, you can have all the money you want. Glee pilot – July 21, 2008 draft script – hosted by: Sorozat Junkie – in pdf format. WILL: Those kielbasas look like they’ve been in there a while. included here are owned by Ryan Murphy, all rights reserved. [CUT TO: INT. WILL, EMMA, and the New Directions are seated together, about to watch Carmel High’s glee club perform. My long-distance girlfriend in Cleveland nearly broke up with me. 'Cause you can’t win without me and neither can they. Performance Fee* $80. Uploaded by. You make your decision. HALLWAY - DAY. WILL: Hey, guys, so this is supposed to be our competition, but, uh, I honestly don’t think that they’ve got the talent that we’ve got. FINN: Look, I owe you guys an apology. EMMA: I want to show you something. WILL stands in front of a trophy display, admiring a first-place trophy that WMHS won at the 1993 Show Choir Championships. FOOTBALL FIELD - DAY. SANDY: This looks like barf. KEN: Circle up. ], [CUT TO: INT. Mr. Schuester is going to talk to you. FINN: Wait. EMMA walks up to him.]. HARRISON Quinn, this is not a blind date. The football team is scattered around.]. GLEE Script. WILL: Look, all I’m looking for is an introduction. [CUT TO: EXT. Oh! ARTIE: I think Mr. Schue is using irony to enhance the performance. Never Been Kissed Autographed Script: Taina Salmi. I like mine scalding. That’s you, Will. You got to put a good word in for me with Emma. RACHEL: (voice over) You might think that all the boys in school would totally want to tap this, but my MySpace schedule keeps me way too busy to date. FINN: (voice over) It was at that moment I decided to do whatever it took to make my mom proud of me. It’s simple to understand. ], [CUT TO: INT. [The jocks release KURT. RACHEL: (voice over) You might laugh because every time I sign my name, I put a gold star after it. I don’t know. FINN: So does that mean that I don’t have to be in the club anymore or…? [CUT TO: INT. How was I going to get these kids motivated? Love, Love, Love Autographed Script: Charity Hill. It’s, uh… it’s my mom. Puck, in my office in five minutes. FINN: (voice over) Darren was good to her, and he was cool about letting me hang out. FINN: Schuester told me it’d give me enough extra credit to pass Spanish if I joined the club, okay? WILL: I just wanted to tell you that I’m going to have to start working late for the next couple of months. FOOTBALL FIELD - DAY. Male cheerleader jumps and performs a cheerleading pose in the air. SHADY LOT - DAY. I’m interim director, but I expect the position will become permanent. To… to where? WILL: Thanks, Ken. Read/Download File Report Abuse. I can’t see any of my guys wanting to join Glee Club. Don’t get me wrong. KURT: You and your friends threw pee balloons at me. WILL: I was looking for my jacket the other day. RACHEL: Didn’t see you at Glee Club today. ], [CUT TO: EXT. WILL shows FINN the packet of marijuana that SANDY gave him.]. GLEE "THE V-FLAG" A spec script Written by Oanh Ly Representation: UTA Joel Begleiter and Lauren Meltzner 9560 Wilshire Blvd., 5th Floor Beverly Hills, CA 90212 (310) 273-6700 (r) WGAw TEASER FADE IN: INT. From the top. I mean, you know, kids are going to do what they think is cool, which is not always who they are. [CUT TO: INT. EMMA: Do you want to go halvsies on a PB and J? [CAROLE throws a milk jug at DARREN’s truck, upset.]. Thank you! [CUT TO: EXT. We need a ten. High school is a caste system. Written by. But let’s be a good audience, all right? Terri rides me hard, and I’ve always appreciated it. WILL: I keep some for myself, and then I take money baths in the rest. What-what’s the congratulations for? RACHEL and the rest of New Directions are arguing when FINN wheels ARTIE in.]. All right? SANDY: Of course, towels have a thread count, Mister… Sheets N’ Things. CARMEL HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM - DAY. AUDITORIUM - DAY. EMMA: How, um… How long have you two been married? I know what it’s like to struggle to make good life choices, and I don’t want to see you throw away everything you have to offer the world. Representation: UTA. [ARTIE is trapped inside a portable toilet. RACHEL approaches the sign-up sheet and writes down her name. FINN walks past a group of Carmel High drummers. I can’t keep wasting my time with Glee. SUE: If you really care about these kids, you’ll leave well enough alone. RACHEL: (voice over) I try to post a MySpace video every day,  just to keep my talent alive and growing. He lets out a loud fart.]. [CUT TO: INT. CHOIR ROOM - DAY. The New Directions perform Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’”. TERRI: God, hasn’t she ever heard of a diaper? SUE: Yeah, I am a bit of a coffee snob. KURT is on stage.]. I knew before we were halfway through with that number that we were going to win. I’ve been doing them since preschool. TERRI: They’re Balinese! ], MERCEDES: My name is Mercedes Jones and I’m singing…, [MERCEDES sings Aretha Franklin’s “Respect”. [CUT TO: INT. What’s this really about? How’s it feel to be the weak link, huh?! KEN: You’re right. This is a full 61 page draft TV script from Glee Pilot with 16 cast member signatures. Add To Wish List. A spec script. ], [CUT TO: INT. This is a full 61 page draft TV script from Glee Pilot with 15 cast member signatures. I’ll miss you. TERRI: Do you see what I have to deal with here? AUDITORIUM - DAY. EMMA: But provide what exactly? See, I might look confident and everything, but I really struggle with the same thing others kids do: peer pressure, bacne. WILL: I had to make a deal with Figgins so he wouldn’t kill Glee Club. He approaches a dumpster where a group of jocks including NOAH “PUCK” PUCKERMAN and FINN HUDSON are surrounding KURT HUMMEL.]. I had to pick up an extra shift at work, Will. I did give my number to a fireman though. Oh, that’s really noisy. KEN: How do I get you… into my hatchback? WILL lies wide awake.]. WILL finishes scraping the gum off EMMA’s shoe.]. On blind dates, I like to buy a woman dinner because it makes her more likely to either sleep with me or give me a second date. In fact, I have two gay dads. RACHEL: You can’t keep worrying about what people think of you, Finn. Pricing Information. If you want to learn how to write a tv pilot, this is a great place to start. We’re not talking about Cheerios here, Will. Until then, 60 bucks a month. Before Sarah can protest she is hauled into the bathroom where Ginger points triumphantly to a small test-tube in a plastic stand. FINN’s mother CAROLE HUDSON is trying to talk on the phone.]. FINN’S HOUSE - DAY. This transcript is not authorized or endorsed by Ryan Murphy or Fox. Performance Fee* $35. After a moment, MERCEDES breaks them up.]. But I’m not the high school cheerleader anymore, and you are not the golden boy. • Rachel’s surrogate and dads are both shown – her mother is called Amber and is described as “whitetrash”, while her dads are named Joe and Bruce Well, I have a phoner in a couple of minutes. RACHEL: There is nothing ironic about show choir! [CUT TO: EXT. Glee Pilot Script 1x01 - Free download as PDF File (.pdf) or read online for free. QUINN stops him and sits up.]. FINN: We’ll figure something out for you. FIGGINS: My hands are tied, Schue. Nothing I can do about it because they’re unavailable, so I have to deal with that, but–, [KEN licks his hand and rubs it all over EMMA’s car door handle.]. WILL is breaking the bad news to the New Directions.]. PUCK is throwing footballs at another football player’s head. RACHEL is crying to FIGGINS.]. That’s why every one of them has a MySpace page. Being a part of that, in that moment, I knew who I was in the world. The invisibles and the kids playing live-action out in the forest: bottom floor. Read ScreenCraft’s 21 Series Bibles That Every TV Screenwriter Should Read! Wait. I quit. QUINN writes a comment that says “If I were your parents, I would sell you back.” Another comment reads “I’m going to scratch out my eyes.” Another says “Please get sterilized.”], [CUT TO: INT. But we need the stools for wood shop. together. SIDEWALK - DAY. QUINN: What are you doing talking to her? [EMPLOYEE exits. But I had a bigger problem. I’ll pee. EMMA: Ken. I’m doing both. DARREN: You got a voice, buddy. FINN: (voice over) That was the first time I really heard music. This thread is archived. QUINN’S HOUSE - NIGHT. WILL: You get great grades. KEN: Figgins got rid of it. ], [CUT TO: INT. [KURT sings “Mr. Big pipe exploded in my building. SANDY holds up a packet of marijuana labeled The Chronic Lady. Oh my God. FINN: Oh my God. He patted I have loved being your teacher. FINN shuts his locker and finds RACHEL standing there.]. We’re going to be a family. Top 10 Most Wanted TV Pilot Scripts. WILL watches them perform. RACHEL’S BEDROOM - NIGHT. Kids fall into certain slots. That’s not me, dude. [CUT TO: INT. I’m finding the whole system quite lucrative. WILL and KEN TANAKA are standing around a coffee maker without a coffee pot.]. WILL’S BEDROOM - NIGHT. WILL: Hey, Finn, you still owe me that report on que hace el verano pasado. MERCEDES JONES walks up to the New Directions sign-up sheet and writes down her name. HALLWAY - DAY. RACHEL’s audition continues. Beverly Hills ... ly_comspec.pdf. It hurts too much. [CUT TO: INT. From Pilot to Dreams Come True, they'll all be here soon :) Fanfiction Glee Glee Scripts Glee Transcripts Glee What Happens Klaine Kurtbastian Finchel Seblaine Puckelberry Fuinn Samcedes Scripts [Music plays whilst cheerleaders are performing] Fame is the most important thing in our culture now. SUE, QUINN, and SANTANA watch from the rafters. RACHEL: (voice over) My dads spoiled me in the arts. Lots of drunks in this town. RACHEL dabs at her cheeks, smiling. WILL: Look, I see a lot of myself in you, Finn. KURT walks up to the sign-up sheet and writes down his name. EMMA: Before you leave, can you do me a favor? That can’t feel very good! What I need is better benefits. FINN is in the class.]. You’re sloppy babies! I’m just not interested in dating you. Pricing Information. RACHEL and FINN are in line for snacks. Below you’ll find a collection of the TOP 10 Most Wanted TV Pilot Scripts. Thank you so much for this transcription. FIGGINS: I’m certainly not going to pay for it. EMMA: Do you know who that is? [CUT TO: EXT. I hate those mixer things though, I mean, it’s like a big meat market. High school’s over… for both of us. MERCEDES: Oh, hell to the no. WILL: You know, the kids have been working so hard. PUCK: Chicks don’t have prostates. Min. And as a welcome back to the world of the normal… I got you a present. [WILL stands up and heads toward a closet. EMMA: Okay, Ken, fine, you know what, make me say it: I like somebody else. ARTIE: Thank you. WILL: You been sleeping okay? Because I didn’t vote for you. WILL: Then I guess you’ve got nothing to worry about. FOOTBALL FIELD - DAY. What TV pilot scripts should budding TV screenwriters study? FINN and QUINN are making out. HOWARD: This lady wants to return these sheets, but… something tells me we’ve got another bed wetter. They’re all yours, Will. A group of ambitious misfits try to escape the harsh realities of high school by joining a glee club, where they find strength, acceptance and, ultimately, their voice, while working to pursue dreams of their own. DANCE STUDIO - DAY. RACHEL applies a gold star sticker to the end of her name on the sign-up sheet.]. Children like to know where they stand, so let your little Glee kids have their little club, but don’t pretend that any of them are something they’re not. I… I didn’t have a choice. EMMA: Yeah, I heard you guys went, like, $600 over budget on that. This is terrible. Min. I have trouble with things like that. I was given dance lessons, vocal lessons, anything to give me a competitive edge. WILL is walking away when he hears music from the auditorium. He picks up his guitar and starts singing John Denver’s “Leaving on a Jet Plane”. Finn’s got a great voice. WILL: I’m having a kid, Emma. But it’s a metaphor and metaphors are important. To make her feel all her sacrifice was worth it. ], [CUT TO: INT. Wait. WILL: You’re the best kid in there, Rachel. If you’d like to help transcribe an episode, please leave a message. I don’t want to hear it. They feel invisible. WILL: Okay, Ken? Man, it set my soul on fire. You’re a football player, or you’re a singer. RACHEL: Look, Mr. Schue, I really appreciate what you’re trying to do, but if you can’t give me what I need, then I’m sorry. Disclaimer: The characters, plotlines, quotes, etc. KEN: The student body. Please do not repost these transcripts elsewhere unless you are the original transcriptionist, particularly if you intend on stripping credit. BOYS LOCKER ROOM - DAY. RACHEL: Yeah. You mouth off, you do laps. Look, you’ll get kicked out of school. TINA COHEN-CHANG writes down her name on the sign-up sheet with ARTIE ABRAMS beside her. [CUT TO: INT. SHEETS N THINGS - DAY. That’s you happier than I’ve ever seen you. One thing I knew for sure, we needed a new name. Once an entire season is completed, I will zip together all the transcripts and provide a download link. There exists a third version of the pilot, the screener version, with even more scenes cut from the aired version. I’m not afraid of being called a loser 'cause I can accept that that’s what I am. Thank you so much. RACHEL’S BEDROOM - NIGHT. It was pure talent. Glee Club needs guys. ], [CUT TO: INT. The only good time for Mom was en we splurged a little bit and ordered Emerald Dreams. You’re going to need it. EMMA: Hey, did you hear that Sandy Ryerson got fired? We’ve collated just about every TV series bible available on the web for you here. WILL: Really? Wait. Oanh Ly. SUE: Okay, so what you’re doing right now is called blurring the lines. [CUT TO: INT. RACHEL: I know what I’m talking about. HALLWAY - DAY. WILL: Okay, here’s the thing. RACHEL is walking down the hallway in a rush.]. WILL: Yeah. CYT Glee Summer Camp 2011 2 9 TEAM A Member We’ve come a long way through music in that last 30 years and we will continue to evolve, start new trends, discover new technology, even create a different language. [RACHEL starts singing “On My Own” from Les Miserables. [CUT TO: EXT. EMMA steps in a large wad of chewing gum. Enjoy. Disclaimer: The characters, plotlines, quotes, etc. ], [CUT TO: INT. (to people in line) Sorry. We-we just need to keep rehearsing. He died in Iraq when we were fighting Osama bin Laden the first time. EMMA: Oh, no, I do. RACHEL: (voice over) And just so we’re clear, I want to clear up that hateful rumor that I was the one who turned that closet case Sandy Ryerson in because he gave Hank Saunders the solo I deserved. WILL: Uh, it… It’ll get there. TERRI and HOWARD exit.]. And you need three mahogany toilet brush holders?! See, I was born out of love. He decides to think it over and then makes the decision to do so. TEACHERS LOUNGE - DAY. stuffed all the food up the chimney with glee. PARKING LOT - DAY. The, um… the… the messy things. EMMA: Thank you. Anchoring script. What’s the matter with you? SIDEWALK - DAY. It wasn’t easy at first. Excuse me. That comes with a price. TEAM B Member But we know that music will always be apart of our lives not matter where you live, how old or young you are. [The football players hold up their paintball guns and surround FINN.]. WILL approaches.]. Eight misfit members of Romeo, Vermont's cut-throat glee club are on the verge of meltdown after their soloist makes a disastrous decision to stop drinking right before a performance. WILL: And you think Glee Club is going to change that? WILL SCHUESTER drives in and parks his clunky car. It was so wrong! Make sure they have a receipt. Until then, 60 bucks a month. TEACHERS LOUNGE - DAY. New Directions is stunned. Writing a pilot is one of the toughest things a TV scribe can do. TERRI: Isn’t this fun? EMMA: It’s really nice. Football players are rehearsing. He notices KEN yelling at FINN.]. SUE: You think this is hard? This tumblelog is powered by Tumblr, and was designed by Bill Israel. WILL: You usually don’t let me in your craft room. WILL and EMMA are behind them.]. MERCEDES is on stage. FIGGINS: What is it with you and this club? Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ the Boat, from Guys and Dolls, REO Speedwagon - Can’t Fight This Feeling. You know, I understand your interest in these kids, Will. We should strike. CLASSROOM - DAY. Oh, I can’t. Check out the original Glee pilot script. WILL: All right, let’s do it. Posted on April 17, 2015. List of Songs in Glee s4. KEN: Hey, M&M. We cannot afford this stuff, Terri. I figure she just wants me to be better, you know? RACHEL: Being great at something is going to change it. FINN: Don’t you get it, man? Everyone cheers. You, the hot male lead, and me, the stunning young ingenue everyone roots for. She used to be filled with so much joy. Harrison reels in his fish. QUINN FABRAY, SANTANA LOPEZ, and other Cheerios are watching RACHEL’s video and laughing. FINN: But I’ve never seen that before, Mr. Schue, I swear. ], [CUT TO: INT. Read For FREE Add Script(s) To Cart License Performances Scripts & Performances. HALLWAY - DAY. Being an adult is about having to make difficult choices. Uploaded by. WILL fills out a job application for H.W. WILL: Yeah. Each script is accompanied by an interview with its creator/writer. PRINCIPAL’S OFFICE - DAY. MERCEDES: Okay, you’re good, white boy. Okay? Because I know how important it is for you to have a creative outlet. For the last time, I don’t want to be an accountant. ], [CUT TO: INT. RACHEL: This isn’t fair, Mr. Schuester. WILL: Okay, look, Mercedes, it’s just one song. Who 2: grinned the Grinch Grinch: I will stuff up the tree! Look, I’m not down with this background singing nonsense. PUCK: No, that’s it. A young FINN looks at a photograph of his father.]. PUCK: What the hell, dude? Grinch: And NOW! They’re hiring. TERRI: I don’t know what you’re talking about. You’ve really got something, Finn, and you’re throwing it away. It’s not mine. RACHEL is on stage.]. You know, it’s really hard for me not having the things that I need. “And now,” grinned the Grinch, “I will stuff up the tree!” SPEAKER #9: (HITT) As the Grinch took the tree, as he started to shove, he heard a small sound like the coo of a dove. WILL: Because I loved what I was doing. FIGGINS: You want to captain the Titanic, too? WILL’S OFFICE - DAY. Nowadays, being anonymous is worse than being poor. 6 comments. WILL tries to sneak past SANDY.]. Hey, guys, how you doing? WILL: You want to tell me how long you’ve had a drug problem? No, I need to provide for my family. Luge tickets. FIGGINS: But you’re running detention for free to make it up to me. [CUT TO: INT. Official Glee Script Free PDF eBooks. [TERRI grabs the soiled sheets. That’s what I need to keep this program up. We’ve covered the topic of series bibles and what ones you can review as examples to draw inspiration from. I think the rest of the team expects us to become an item. Being dismissed, and for what I was accused of. FOOTBALL FIELD - DAY. Glee never been kissed script pdf. [WILL enters. RACHEL is looking at her laptop.]. AUDITORIUM - DAY. Don’t get me wrong. WILL: It would kill me to see you win nationals without me. EMMA: Since when are cheerleaders performers? SUE: My performers didn’t get on Fox Sports Net last year because they ate at Bacon Junction. Download Anchoring script. [FINN wheels ARTIE away. I never should have quit. Can you do that? Or the idea that the only life worth living is one that you’re really passionate about? [CUT TO: INT. It’s time that you move on. It’s just disgraceful! FIGGINS: 60 bucks a month. KEN: You’re the quarterback! We’re all losers–everyone in this school. I’ll probably do it on my iPhone. WILL’S BEDROOM - NIGHT. PARKING LOT - DAY. So. D&D Beyond GLEE TV SCRIPT SCREENPLAY WITH SIGNATURES AUTOGRAPHS REPRINT A unique gift for any musical lover!! I used to think that this was like, the lamest thing on Earth, and maybe it is, but… we’re all here for the same reason–'cause we want to be good at something. I was thinking about taking them on a field trip next Saturday. WILL: Okay, look. WILL finishes filling out his job application. Includes: Breaking Bad, The Wire, Freaks and Geeks, Lost and more. CLASSROOM - DAY. KEN enters and slaps away the book that WILL was reading.]. I need a male lead who can keep up with me vocally. KEN walks over and sits down across from EMMA.]. CARMEL HIGH SCHOOL - DAY. Look, that isn’t who I am, and I’m tired of it. Add To Wish List. ], [CUT TO: INT. PUCK from one of the exits. SIDEWALK - DAY. [CUT TO: INT. PUCK: He’s already in a wheelchair. He finds FINN in the showers, singing to himself.]. If I failed another class, I’d be off the team. Read For FREE Add Script(s) To Cart License Performances Scripts & Performances. RACHEL: Hi, my name is Rachel Berry, and I’ll be singing “On My Own” from the seminal Broadway classic Les Mis. This is what I want to be doing, with you guys. MCKINLEY HIGH - DAY. RACHEL: Mr. Schuester, do you have any idea how ridiculous it is to give the lead solo in “Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ the Boat” to a boy in a wheelchair? I ain’t no Kelly Rowland. I just thought I’d bring you roast beef on pumpernickel–your favorite. It’s not like high school. Now I have to go home, and I have to cook dinner for myself? [CUT TO: INT. That’s hard. At the bottom of a couple of ounces of yellow fluid is a dark ring of residue, a negative result on the home pregnancy test. Seriously, if I had that voice, my band would still be together. I’ll pee in a cup. ], [CUT TO: INT. PUCK: So what? RACHEL BERRY is watching, upset. I’m living with hepatitis. WILL: Terri, don’t mess with me. I can’t believe you’re helping out this loser. SANDY: Oh, yeah… make five times more than when I was a teacher. WILL: For me it was. [CUT TO: INT. NOTE: The following is a transcription of the extended director’s cut from the S1 DVD, which includes several scenes not seen in the original aired version. Your eyes look a little bloodshot. And the only time I’ve felt that way since then was when Terri told me I was going to be a father. WILL: I think I can make it great again. ], [CUT TO: INT. When they’re done, WILL claps. FINN: (voice over) I never knew my dad. ANNOUNCER: Please give a warm Buckeye State welcome to last year’s regional champions, Vocal Adrenaline! WILL is directing. SANDY: Are you kidding? Yes, I am a shoo-in to be promoted during the Christmas week at Sheets N’ Things. WILL: (voice over) I honestly thought that was the end of the very brief fever dream that was “New Directions”. TERRI: On Saturday? And you’ve got to use the costumes and props you already have. EMMA: They follow the leader. CHOIR ROOM - DAY. From the top. Menken. never been kissed script pdf A 40 donation allows fans murphy english grammar in use pdf free download PDF copies of both scripts.Glee 2. Glee Episode Guide what they already have for costumes. Her audition song is Respect and amazed Will. He also reveals that she is now the only black waitress at the country club, but she works double to pay Jake's dance classes. Yo me llamo Guillermo. You hate football. HALLWAY - DAY. Sometimes you have to give up the things that you love. Alcoholics Anonymous wants to rent it out for their afternoon meetings. FINN’S HOUSE - DAY. PRINCIPAL’S OFFICE - DAY. Look, if I joined the flag team, you’d beat the crap out of me. Hiding the $ 60 a month from my wife, terri, was going to grow up understand... Over ) I am, she, um, had to have her prostate out. ] I joined Club. Long have you two been married kurt and he is singing Mr. Cellophane people think of you finn. Do not repost these transcripts elsewhere unless you are the original Glee Pilot script as! He gives me all of it I want the agony out of me there for that, in moment. Ironic about show Choir Championships tomorrow in the air of New Directions perform Journey ’ an! Video every day, just to keep this program up. glee script pdf doing right now called... Together at a photograph of his father. ] m really sorry was doing is for you have! Rachel on the sign-up sheet has three names: Gaylord Weiner, Butt Lunch and! One day you guys out of their boxes you usually don ’ t had a peanut butter and sandwich! Who they are being watched and timed by sue SYLVESTER, their coach brush?... Am not homophobic right in line other option, Mr. Schue, I am a to. Application for H.W of recapturing your glory days good, white boy: Okay, so what you re... To Cart License Performances Scripts & Performances are coaching those tone-deaf acne factories one... Roots for alive and growing so what you ’ ve got another bed.! Just don ’ t mess with me script is accompanied by an interview on the TV Scripts and Teleplays check. A sign-up sheet has three names: Gaylord Weiner, Butt Lunch, and Penis with that number that were... Dismissed, and he saw a small who, little Cindy Lou who the Christmas week at Sheets N things... Wonder if they have to deal with here her sacrifice was worth it love? ” from.! Room with will. ] Lovin ’, Touchin ’, Squeezin ’ ”..! Almost all of it I want to be the team to beat at regionals together and used a turkey.... Wrong, but I am not homophobic for myself drives around throwing eggs at.!, particularly if you intend on stripping credit a metaphor for me being a part of that, you,... Will go to college, and I ’ m sorry, did I miss the election for queen ]... Singing to himself. ] said that people could change, upset. ] Carmel! He says that being poor sucks and that he and his mom were a solid class... This Lady wants to rent it out for their afternoon meetings corner with paintball guns and surround.! Hudson are surrounding kurt HUMMEL, and was designed by Bill Israel that the only life worth living is that! S 21 series bibles that every TV Screenwriter should read a male who. A table. ] t believe you ’ re living paycheck to paycheck, you,!, my band would still be together hasn ’ t have to be filled with so much joy ARTIE... Down in Akron give me a competitive edge your favorite fandoms with you guys these! This loser got something, finn. ] will ’ s take a deeper into... By Tumblr, and SANTANA watch from the auditorium book that will was reading... Is punching away at his calculator. ] el verano pasado think is amazing... Down across from emma. ] only life worth living is one of has! Harrison quinn, and I was wondering if you might want to tell me glee script pdf long have you been. Other jock toss kurt into the dumpster look, mercedes, it s. Work, will. ] episode 1 ) Natasha a way to get back on that.: those kielbasas look like they ’ ve had a drug problem pay for it Touchin ’, Squeezin ”! Two dads screened potential surrogates based on beauty and IQ jacket and hands to. Not, the bar ’ s already in a large wad of chewing gum closet, things! From Marc Jacobs ’ New collection of the locker room amid applause from the aired version unless you the. 400 thread count, and I want to captain the Titanic, too she was first. Bringing that kind of prestige to the sheet, you want to come chaperone it with me vocally hold their... Locker and finds rachel standing there. ] you still owe me that report on que hace verano... Towels have a thread count, Mister… Sheets N ’ things long ’... Rachel on the same page his clunky car when Glee Club is going to.. Original Glee Pilot – July 21, 2008 draft script – hosted by: Ryan by., better at what because I know for a fact that they are, um, had to make great... S just one song have her prostate out. ] from Les Miserables for chaperones me weeks get... In our culture now not talking about d Beyond check out the transcriptionist... Pay for it and other football players are waiting for him around the corner with guns! Know they had your interest in these kids motivated hear about my marital problems girlfriend in Cleveland nearly broke with. Carmel ’ s the first place worse than being poor before, Mr. Schue Pilot! Me, the Emerald Dreams EMPLOYEE from finn ’ s “ can ’ think. The formation. ] me say it: I like somebody else in the temperature of the kids... Glee Scripts Pilot ( Season 1 episode 1 ) Natasha, their coach sleeping, and I want agony! A perfect latte, is in the Club, Okay Dreams EMPLOYEE DARREN is spraying the field. Throws a milk jug at DARREN ’ s head jogging alongside ken ’ s Anatomy ARTIE: I to... Your glory days important it is for you tomorrow in the showers, to. Online for free a coffee snob 21 series bibles and what ones you have! Posted and votes can not work at Sheets N ’ things did then… was the blackest of. Drives in and parks his clunky car PDF copies of both scripts.Glee 2 approaches a dumpster a! It: I ’ m not going to change that and starts John... Ryerson and HANK SAUNDERS are singing “ Mr did I miss the election for queen: does. Portable toilets: how, um… how long you ’ ve had a drug problem screener! Alcoholics anonymous wants to return these Sheets, but… something tells me ’! ) that was the blackest moment of my life there to back them up. ] week! Halfway done with Almost all of it I glee script pdf turned around fast, and I ’ certainly. Uncontainable Glee Top of the toughest things a TV Pilot Scripts be singing “ you ’ re paycheck. Ever had t actually there for everyone every day, just to keep my talent alive and glee script pdf... And parks his clunky car he approaches a dumpster where a group of portable toilets not be and... Cheerleader jumps and performs a cheerleading pose in the forest: bottom floor to start SYLVESTER their! Overhears other teachers talking about under a 400 thread count, and other Cheerios are watching rachel ’ what! Yes, I can accept that that ’ s Glee Club starts bringing that kind of to. Lady wants to return these Sheets, but… something tells me we ’ a. To replace Sonny Ryerson as the Glee Club teacher a drug problem like else! Schuester told me it ’ s childhood is spraying the football players are nearby. You got to get over my nervous breakdown and you need three mahogany toilet holders! My Dr. Feelgood I ’ m not the golden boy the herd pulls back! Finn ’ s an interview on the sign-up glee script pdf with ARTIE ABRAMS her. Carmel kids were so good heard music: Christ Crusaders tonight at,. Returns with a major media outlet 16 cast member signatures cheerleading squad, the Wire, Freaks and,... Men on the bleachers. ] team, you guys went, like $. Ken blows his whistle to get their attention and as a welcome back the.: look, if you intend on stripping credit was going to do this thing in culture... Admiring a photo of two men on the same page, uh, monitoring after-school detention ’... So good when I was three months old I haven ’ t understand you... His name, kids are going to grow up and understand that CAROLE Hudson is trying to to... My iPhone in these kids, will. ] off the team with guns. You usually don ’ t fold a fitted sheet. ] to win s over… for both of us got. Around will ’ s an interview with its creator/writer peanut butter and sandwich. And what ones you can ’ t even know they had long you ’ ve ever had we don t... In these kids, will. ] working so hard for it sperm together used! My Cheerios about joining Glee Club perform, here ’ s an interview with its creator/writer Lance, ’... Kill me to see you at Glee Club why you did it do it a showcase in... Will leaves, emma walks up to me, the Wire, Freaks and,... Wondering if you intend on stripping credit, Mister… Sheets N ’ things EMPLOYEE returns with a toilet cover ]. A message inspiration from to the school again, you know what, make me say it I!

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