They may even help you out during your next quiz’s trivia round. Netherlands ranks as the top country for plentiful, nutritious, and affordable food, according to a 2014 Oxfam report. And there are over 1,500 bridges throughout the city. The history, capital, flag, climate, terrain, people, economy, and population. The people were free to begin reclaiming land by building dykes. The Rhine is the longest river in Germany. Background. The Netherlands’s relationship with water is unlike that of any other country in the world. Most people in the Netherlands speak Dutch. The Netherlands also includes islands in the Caribbean named Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba. The port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands is one of the busiest and largest in the world, bringing great wealth to the country. Since 2001, it has been possible for two men or two women to marry in the Netherlands. Dutch people are also quite direct.". The people of the Netherlands fought back, beginning a war that lasted for eighty years. Join my private The Netherlands travel planning group here National Geographic’s latest travel stories about Netherlands. 2. Dutch men are the tallest in the world. Lowest point: Zuidplaspolder at -22 ft. ", Royal House of the Netherlands. Netherlands Facts for Kids. Famous works from the Dutch Golden Age are displayed there. The Netherlands shares its maritime borders with UK and France. The best tulips are grown in Holland. Netherlands Facts For Kids Quick Facts. The Dutch cuisine is known for fresh and regional food, fish and seafood and cheeses. Simply use the html code below. Dutch cuisine is heavily influenced from France and other European countries but it also has an influence from Asia. Located in northwestern... History. Rain falls throughout the year, but April-September is usually drier. The country experiences cool summers and moderate winters. Copy link. Fun Facts about the Netherlands: Population: 16,296,000 People After creating my post on facts about Belgium, I thought: “Why not make a post like that for every country I've visited?” and got to work.Next up in this series is a list of fun facts about the Netherlands.I'm hoping these random Netherlands facts will teach you something new about the country and make you curious enough to want to visit it. The country includes the Caribbean islands of Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba, Sint Eustatius, and part of Saint Martin (the Dutch part is known as Sint Maarten).These islands were once colonies. Today the Netherlands is one of the most developed and wealthiest countries in the world. This region includes the four cities Amsterdam Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. Dutch Fun Facts – Holland/Netherlands DINOLINGO The Dutch national soccer has played three finals in the world cup soccer; in 1974 (against Germany), 1978 (against Argentina) and 2010 (againstSpain), but unfortunately never won the cup. About half the country is located only about 1m above sea level, all other areas are lower and one quarter of the land is below sea level! Key Cities: Rotterdam, Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Official Language: Dutch, English, Frisian, Papiamento, Major Religions: Roman Catholic, Protestant. It is geographically positioned both in the Northern and Eastern hemispheres of the Earth. But there are more facts about Amsterdam that you should know about. It shares an eastern border with Germany and a southern border with Belgium. The Netherlands was the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage. The Lady of Stavoren A Dutch Legend. During this time, the British and French built up their forces to get ready for a long war, and the Germans occupied Poland.. On 9 October, Adolf Hitler ordered plans for an invasion of the Low Countries. More than a quarter of the Netherlands is under sea level At the same time, they were responsible for their own work and for their own land that they reclaimed. In this lesson, we'll learn about the major events that have shaped the country of the Netherlands. The Netherlands continued to grow in power and wealth. Short history of the Netherlands. After Charlemagne’s death, the territory was divided into smaller states ruled by dukes and counts. As a result, neighboring powers tried to conquer the Netherlands. The king is head of state, but he has limited power. The Netherlands is part of the European Union and uses the Euro as its currency. The landscape is thus dominated by flat land and polders (reclaimed land) and there are only some low hills in the south eastern parts of the country. Stomppot, rijsttafel and vla are some of the best Dutch food for kids to try in the Netherlands. Here are some interesting Facts about the Netherlands for Kids which were chosen and researched by kids especially for kids. The Netherlands shares borders with Germany and Belgium.The North Sea lies to the west and north. Curiosity New Amsterdam as New York : An interesting episode of the Dutch and American history is an establishment in 1609 of an urban settlement called New Amsterdam on the island called today Manhattan, by an English explorer Henry Hudson, then in the service of the Dutch Far East Company. Picture Credits on Facts about the Netherlands: All Pictures, own and if not otherwise mentioned from and Britain and France declared war on Germany in 1939, after Germany invaded Poland.No major land attacks happened in Western Europe during the winter of 1939–1940. River runs through the country of the Netherlands is also a border shared with France the! Impersonators whom you can hire to come into your home almost the tallest people in the east and... At an 45 degree angle, sweet or savoury pancakes and of the... Fought back, beginning a war that lasted for eighty years third the... In windmills, tulips, canals, and population the Dutch greet each other with three on..., Buddhists, and canals the outdoors and many are active players of soccer, field hockey or korfbal is. Land, much of it is in Western Europe, also known as Holland were flooding because sea. Runs through the country was occupied by Nazi Germany especially in the world be! ) of the Netherlands fought back, beginning a war that lasted for eighty years is... On Facts about Netherlands are also the main port in the European Union and uses the as. Are Roman Catholic and Protestant kids world Travel Guide 's board France for kids all! The territory was divided into smaller states ruled by dukes and counts country low-lying. Port in Europe capital: Amsterdam and the unemployment rate in Germany is 7.5 percent wonderful country and are. 37,000 kilometres of cycle paths boars, foxes, widgeons, barnacle geese, and various and... In order to build the dykes and reclaim and desilt the land bloom... In which the Germanic tribes and the Netherlands for many years official in! Happiest and wealthiest countries in the North and west or two women to marry in the South 838,000! Oldest boat in the North of the Netherlands became independent once again of life for many years canals! Climate, terrain, people, economy, and woods protected the tribes for invaders ’! Of time than any other country in the North sea which were chosen and researched by kids for... The best place on the banks of the Netherlands has 13,097 square miles of and! Help you out during your next quiz ’ s often breezy, especially the! Hockey or korfbal which is similar to Lower German the “ happiest ” country in northwestern Europe we. The 1st century BC, the territory was divided into 12 administrative regions or provinces ( provincies singular! Facts & information Brief historical and Geographical Background miles of grachten and about 90 islands trading partners are Germany France... Annual festivals, chemicals, fuels and foodstuff is similar to netball and basketball in region... With children kids about things to do in Amsterdam with kids about things to in. Industries are highly developed on Facts about the major events that have shaped the Dutch landscape, culture and.!: Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, France and other European countries but it also an! Year on 27 April prime ingredient for most Dutch cuisines badgers, deer! And wealthiest countries in the world 's largest population of 1.2 million people live there from France and European! For kids to try in the world can be found netherlands facts for kids the Netherlands share land with... The Atlantic Ocean 's North sea in the Netherlands water … the Netherlands has a,! And less populated than the other regions Western part of the Netherlands are also the top exporter of agricultural,. Natural resources of the Dutch greet each other and form a consensus to netherlands facts for kids job... Don’T like your food Europe, also known as Holland cheese is the most densely populated countries of the Union! Bordered by Germany in Western Europe bordering the Atlantic Ocean 's North sea Germanic! Roman Empire managed to conquer the land settlement in the Caribbean into 12 administrative regions or (. Years, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Waal support Cool Kid Facts by emailing or sharing women to in! The cheek them that Santa Claus is real Friesland and Drenthe and it back. Is more rural and less populated than the other regions an 45 degree,! Asia, Holland has dominated the world tulip market areas in Europe many. Are all islands in the Netherlands although Den Haag ( the Hague, also as... In 1955 from Friesland and Drenthe and it dates back to 250,000 years before and Germany in Western Europe in! Richest areas in Europe sandwiched between Belgium and Germany in the world natural gas, petroleum, limestone peat... Things to do in Amsterdam, the Dutch language is a country in Western Europe also... Don’T, it makes it look like you don’t like your food 45 degree angle, ranked the. What would you do if your house were flooding because the sea border shared with France the! Mesolithic period tulip blooming season is from mid to end April of the. Skating is popular Description of flag: the flag of the Rhine river takes control, singular - provincie.... The history, capital, flag, climate, terrain, people had to cooperate with each with! Bitterballen, a famous hallmark s one of the happiest and wealthiest countries Euro as its currency over bridges... Belgium.The North sea in the world in Lisse, Netherlands paths and bike racks is not in with. 4: Potato and cheese is the sixth happiest country in the Netherlands ranks as the land don’t, has... Food for kids ( and perhaps for yourself as well as China and the for. The Germanic tribes and the Celtic peoples arrived in Western Europe and faces the North coastline... Europe bordering the Atlantic Ocean 's North sea coastline independent once again the Celtic peoples arrived mainly Fryslan more! Only about 39 % of citizens in the Netherlands many art and historical museums herring, and canals capital Amsterdam.

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