Eating, drinking, and karaoke. I am sure that it is changing gradually and I did not go to Japanese university but all my sisters and friends was unbelievable how much I had to study to pass a class. But constraints, though not fun, foster creativity. Though you likely won't be helping any of your students with entrance exams directly, you will be surrounded with the test-centric mindset. They are taught that to be good at something one must work hard at are more rigorous than American schools, at least before the college level. the cultural context. The truth is somewhere in between. Japanese students study very hard in high school, so they can pass the entrance exams to get into a reputable national or private university. Art by Which is as it should be, because if you can’t pass the test, you’ve obviously not learned enough your first time through, so you have to do it again. I suspect that the so-called “talented” people have lots Though in most of the classes for my major, if you missed any more than 3 classes or were late 6 times, you automatically failed. The content was good but delivery was poorest i have ever seen. I personally hate cold so the first month of winter with open windows was torture. University students in Japan often skip their classes to party and have their classmates sign the attendance sheet but instructors in America would not tolerate their students faking their attendance. Japanese However, I am unfortunate that I live in an atmosphere where active discussions is not encouraged. AC use is dictated by your BOE, and schools generally aren't allowed to use it until July 1. <<< This is accurate. ^_^. However, I know my Japanese skill is not good enough to take science courses in all Japanese. because the instructors usually have a “Participation Grade” which may range from 10-25% of your overall grade. I am currently studying in Yokohama National University. You may or may not be asked or expected to participate in cleaning time, but give it a try anyway. For Japanese people, we have to remember that college is their last change to slack off before getting a job and they will have no time.. Uchi Soto is the Japanese custom of a clear distinction between in-groups (uchi, 内) and out-groups (soto, 外). Schools may or may not have heat. Yes, you’re right! I’m enginnering student in twinning programme(malaysia -japan). Admittedly, I slept a lot in libraries and lounges between classes in the United States, when I attended a small private university. liberally ask questions to the teacher, and discuss with fellow students. things they don’t have as much time for other things. I went to an academic high school that focused on preparing students for Japanese university entrance examinations, so I knew that I would be working my butt off if I decide to go to American college. It sounded like they were having a blast meeting new people, finding baito (part-time jobs) and going to go-kon (group dating) when I was having a mini nervous breakdown preparing for my next presentation! This can lead to enhanced bonding with the JTE of that classroom and other rewards not offered by more compliant classes. To get into a good high school, you need pass the high school entrance exams. There are no school buses as some may be used to in their home countries. Your article is very interesting! class where we can discuss our opinion about different topics, but nobody seems A lot of other ALTs I knew were confused and shocked by this as well. programs in Japan have more group discussions and demand more presentations. Great article; i noticed a lot of these differences as well, having studied at both institutions and looking at my friends both from Japan and America. One of the common threads I’ve noted in your articles might be summed up by this anecdote I wish to offer. It's okay to visit once a week, or however you choose. Thanks! My school was pretty difficult to integrate into and I found learning the school song a pretty helpful step towards feeling more motivated in my job. It's been part of the Japanese way of doing school for a while and it's probably not going to change any time soon. I don’t have much time for outside activities. No movement for 15 years. But is it any better than the atーtimes crippling shyness of Japanese, or the English education system’s failures? I was Can you believe it?… International School in Japan bans iPads and encourages kids to play video games. Therefore most kids do not live on farms. I am thinking about studying medicine in Japan or America but I am still poor in both language.. espically Japanese.I cannot afford much money so I also take interests in scholarships programs. Some Japanese schools require students to join at least one activity, and these activities often have long hours and punishing schedules. I was born and raised in Japan but moved to California to attend college. But Japanese language is my problem now. Japan and gain insights about a different culture which may then make the reader better able to clear-ly think about our own educational system. I attended a top uni in Japan last year and remember being disappointed with the classes (teacher just lectures from the textbook for the whole time) and the students (half don’t turn up or just sleep during classes. The school becomes a different place after classes end. The comments of Japanese officials suggest that, because of cultural and bureaucratic differences, they have found little in the American system that is immediately relevant to their own … (in the sense of services provided by the school, beyond classes, clubs or informal social life). Who doesn't like a good ceremony? The exams keep coming and coming again. It is interesting to learn about your experience. Deciding to attend university in America was a much bigger challenge than I anticipated. The authoritarian atmosphere was almost terrifying and I never fully enjoyed my learning experience in Japan. Yuki is one of the rare. Several years ago I purchased some CDs issued by a small but growing indie record company from the United States. And why we seldomly have group discussions. It's one of those things that makes you feel better despite not wanting to do it. Conversely, someone who does great in school could still fail the entrance exams and not be able to advance academically. Kids are kids all over the world, which means you can expect a range of personalities with a touch of childish behavior in each. Thus many students may come by bus or train. It's definitely frustrating for the more tech-reliant (pointing at myself here). Im thinking its probably something more necessary in the US because most college students are not able to pay for medical attention otherwise. It can be frustrating if you come from a culture where teachers enjoy privileges students don't. It probably won't happen often, but eventually you'll need to talk to a teacher who is out on the athletic field and your outdoor shoes will be at the other end of the building. However, it is certain that ddnd students is long. Cheers to it! But good luck and please do not give up! They actually like that because it shows that you are interested in learning the subject. I am good at science, because I am fascinated with it and I study They answered, "no.". thanks for checking our my article. While Americans are busy constructing common standards and bench-marks, developing and using more standardized tests for all students, and moving toward standards-based school reform, the Japanese … Then the ceremonies begin: speeches, songs, school song, more speeches, speeches, and then perhaps even a speech. Once they get into their dream college, things become more relaxed as they are almost guaranteed to graduate. 1.73 million Ranked 3rd. Japanese schools have two main festivals a year: Sports Day and the Culture Festival. Do you get where I’m going here? at math, science and computers. in schools that are different in Japanese schools. Try talking with JTEs or your supervisor and frankly tell them your feelings about the situation. The only tech in the Japanese classroom is the kind you bring with you. I can speak japanese too. I was at Meiji Gakuin University, and noticed very differently. Continuing concern regarding the quality and future of education in both America and Japan prompts many comparisons of their nation's educational systems. There's a lot of pros and cons to this open window winter practice, but it's common throughout East Asia so it's not likely to change any time soon. In my opinion (bearing in mind that over-generalization is dangerous), western universities are great at making students prepared for the real work. Be patient with yourself and your host environment as you get situated. Going back, this is a very good write up. I think Japanese college should have English instructions, however if you are planning to get a full degree, you are most likely have to take courses in Japanese. America, kids are taught that to be good at something one must have a special was a great article. In the packages, the company placed a catalogue order card, which with clever humour, stated something to the following effect: ‘Like most things American, this card thinks the USA is the centre of the universe. Among school kids, some are much better at academics than The rest is up to students. acceptable only if their grades are too low and they deliberately underachieve. should follow the example of Asian countries and teach them to work hard. I am pretty curious about student life though, you mentioned part time jobs and group dates but I was wondering about the structure of the university beyond social activities (If there is one at all?). Schools with large numbers of rowdy students may have trouble keeping said students out, though they'll certainly try. Or one can write a novel and get famous while studying their major which has nothing to do with writing a novel. Plus, the school usually plays wacky music around this time, which is a nice mood change. There are some differences between American and Japanese schools, and these differences include the amount of school days that are attended by the children and the types of … Don't be afraid to drop some cash on an Amazon purchase for the perfect footwear. I think most of them in my laboratory is sound in their topic. If they do, it will be in the form of kerosene heaters in each classroom, which requires the opening of windows to keep everyone from suffocating on fumes. school year stays the same, even though it is a relic of an agricultural past. shouldn’t be overinflated expectations for grades. wow! Hey, an interesting read. Driving to school is not an option as the legal driving age in Japan is 18 and even after obtaining a driver's license, students aren't supposed to drive to school. If you really can't afford it, by all means decline. First, indeed, the educational system we have in the Philippines is truly Americanized. It is a fair tradeoff. Hopefully you will come back to Japan and change the situation. if you don’t pay attention and fail the class it was money well wasted no refunds. deviants. But good luck with your study and I look forward to hearing about your progress! less effective to learn passively, by quietly listening and transcribing off So it seems that students have no extra time for self-development unless one ignores their social life. Not much besides a difference in culture. The closest thing elementary kids have to a uniform is their cute yellow hats and hard shell randoseru backpacks. In her new book, Precarious Japan, anthropologist Anne Allison returns to the Japanese education system that she discussed in some … It was very frustrating to have a question to ask but not allowed to ask it until the end of the the class. (Reason being that insurance is connected to full-time jobs which many students can’t keep while being a full time student) but is that something that would be as big a part of university life in Japan? Though Japanese schools may sometimes feel upside down and backwards, the truth is they are part of a flawed and fully functional system … By Liam Carrigan Hi Yumi.^^ glad to take time reading this article of yours. Besides the normal indoor school shoes, there's usually a gym shoe requirement as well to keep those shiny wooden planks their squeakiest. As the old and hated saying goes, every situation is different. They just follow textbooks and curricula. May 6, 2014 It wasn’t a degree program so the overall atmosphere of the program was much more relaxed but even in this program, I noticed the differences between American and Japanese educational styles. I have read this and at least one or two other articles you have written with interest. I do appreciate By comparing Japan’s education system solely to that of the US, or as you mention in your article about the soーcalled poor state of English ability in Japan, that your American friends are somewhat surprised, you’ve inadvertently exposed a weakness in your premiseーthe one about failing to acknowledge that there is a world outside of America where English is part of the cultural fabric. It was never easy but I am glad that I chose this route. Be ready for visits of curiosity and annoyance from certain kids. Japanese teacher is so kind. Thus, American … Yes Latin America is the same as US education system, graduating is hardwork, and we too give presentations, group discussions and raise hands to ask questions from elementary school. They especially come into play when students are trying to pass entrance exams. Enkai are exclusive to those in a particular company, restricting even spouses of coworkers. The points you mentioned above were exactly the things I face currently in Australia, and by the way I am from Indonesia where educational atmospheres are almost the same in general with Japan, although the campus I used to go to adheres to Australian standard. There's also a cold enduring culture in Japan as well, which will bond you to your students and coworkers. My favorite is Pokémon, and I also like Fruits Basket. This is the same line of thinking that keeps AC off in the teacher's room during summer. The Japanese school year begins in April and runs through March of the following year. at school. But keep an eye out for them and keep reading about Japan and Japanese education during your time on JET. The Japanese education system is unique and education is the foundation of Japanese society. Even if we are studying new language they stay rather quiet. Being able to compare all three educational systems (US, Japan, Northern-Europe), the devastating result for the American (overall price) and Japanese (price and separation in state run and private) University Level Education System is undeniable. Older students will help younger students find their classrooms where they meet their homeroom teacher and classmates. Of course, students will get up to receive their diplomas and a good deal of crying will ensue in various pockets of the gymnasium. it is one of my favorite foreign countries. • But yes it is very different and Japanese students are discouraged from asking questions in the middle of the class. I do not have any experience studying in Japan, but I lived there for 3 years and enjoyed the culture, the people, the food, the discipline style of life and my sensei’s teachings. I had just been thinking because there are a lot of programs that I have to think must be pretty US only. Students couldn’t (No locker for books though. ^_^. the board. Check out this article and video we did for Works Japan. I love studying! Would I do this again? I mean about test or lectures because i really don’t have any idea about it. right. Such kids are treated harshly by their peers as After an imperfect attempt, the teacher asked the class if he had done it correctly. Kōkō(高校, High school) from 15 to 18. 2. You are still on duty while at school, so handling these situations is part of your job. If you're in the same town as one of the schools you're teaching at, you'll likely be walking or biking to work alongside your students. As I mentioned before, my school leaned toward the difficult side. You know, most Japanese are so shy. In the past America has a tradition of farming. I don’t want you to think that American students don’t party in college because they do! 日本語は大好きです! To get a good job in Japan, you need to go to a good university. Combine this with long, lecture style classes and you have students who cannot stay awake during class. Second, as an ESL teacher here in Bangkok, this article sounds like Philippines vs Thailand education.^^ lmao. I can agree with this article……. People would miss out on a valuable education. I’m also having problems about socializing with my classmates since i am a half ( read your article about it, so awesome). Mandatory attendance A big difference between the Japanese school system and the American School system is that Americans respect individuality while the Japanese control the individual by observing group rules. For example we were often encouraged by professors to use the Writing Center – a place you can schedule an appointment and an older student or faculty paid by the school will sit down with you for an hour to help you write essays or cover letters etc. Even if you don't understand the reasoning, try to accept it as one of those things that just is the way it is (and sneak matcha kit kats from your desk when no one is looking). Though the teachers' room has stresses of its own, it's a retreat from the stresses of student activity. First of all i want to say you have to differentiate between a japanese state run University and a private one. They give students a chance to study for themselves, to express themselves, to fail, and to correct themselves. Expect major cultural differences in this area and do your best to communicate honestly with trusted coworkers when you need help. It would be good to do some research since American and Japanese colleges are VERY different. From student life to scheduling, Germany's education system is a markedly different experience than the American model. how American kids are. The practical aspects of the uniform won't affect you. Although I haven’t experienced the American education styles, I can agree with you what I am feeling in Japanese university. If you are a foreigner and have experience attending Japanese college, I would love to hear your story! The most stereotypical are those good difference is that Japanese school year starts in the spring and has more days. it is true..Japanese teachers don’t want to be embarrassed and they can get resentful if we ask them questions in the middle of the class and they think it is disrespectful. Again, I was so used to just sitting in class quietly that it was really hard for me to speak up and join in on group discussions. According to Takahashi, the Japanese educational system aims to benefit all students. Back then, I used to wonder where it took me by attending classes of this kind. American universities have a time limit and students in undergraduate have time limit and it is even more strict in phD and MD program..I don’t know how these students manage but they can probably take up to three qualifying exams but if they can’t make it, they have no problem dropping the it is very harsh in a way.. I totally concur with your views on Japan and its education system. Rather than move around from class to class, as is the norm in the U.S., students stay in their homeroom and teachers of various subjects come to them. The university system is tied to the employment system, and the examination system, so I believe simply asking people to study harder isn’t going to work very well in many cases. I went to college in the US for 3 years (I’m Spanish, although the Spanish university system isn’t vastly different from the US one). kids to give the nerds some respect. Sep 17, 2014 I secretly envied my sisters in Japan talk about their college life. once I realized that participation was critical to get an A grade in the class, I had to force myself to participate in discussions and I still struggle at work. The burden of implementing slideshows, videos, audio, and other media rests on you. A good thing of studying at Japan is that students have a lot of time at their disposal. In Japan, however, teachers work either for the municipal or prefectural boards of education. Not sure how grades are built but maybe that’s why tests are so harsh? When I was in middle school, Algebra was so hard for me it was this difficult to get in, getting credits is going to be even harder. Some teachers are strict and show favoritism while as others will just pass you to pass you. philosophy. I would like to know more about japanese education. Seeing behavior that wouldn't fly in your home country go unpunished (or unaddressed) can be infuriating, especially if that bad behavior is directed at you. This is by far the greatest source of tension for visiting ALTs. #4 on your list could be about the test taking! It interest me as I would think one would learn better when in a positive state rather than before that positive state. I did learn in class how to be as good as the Asian When I was in college, Algebra is a piece of cake At the very least you'll get some great food and drink. Talk with your supervisor if you're having trouble with too many visits at your desk. In the end I always hope to just pass every unit I took because the expectations are high and there quite a lot of things require my attention. A lot of the larger lecture courses I took (100+ students) used “clickers” – the professor would have multiple choice comprehension questions within the lecture and everyone would press the answer – they were connected to each student’s account so most professors used these questions as both attendance and participation points, based on if you got them right. He added “my children love the educational apps in their iPads and use them to do homework and now the school is suggesting to replace them with video games”. Instead they set aside time for students to clean the building. They are labeled nerds and geeks. This means that your lessons will end up analog. The universities you can apply for depend on the high school you attended. I’m a foreigner (Venezuela) getting my master degree in Japan. The beginning of the This contrasts … It may help with your job hunting once you graduate. In Japan, it seems that taking a degree is what studying at a university is all about. As a JET Program participant, you'll arrive in Japan in late summer when the school year is halfway over. Like you pointed out, the class was not an environment to raise your hand regarding a question you had. Tofugu's own Rich calls the teachers' room his favorite part of the Japanese school system: This room helps foster a sense of camaraderie and cooperation. I know in the Caribbean, North America, Europe and Latin America (if I am wrong, please correct me) you have to work hard to stay in, and it’s hard to get in to the really good universities in the first place. These are after school schools where kids pay money for extra education in a particular subject or for help in passing important exams. Your dress will be dictated by your school and contracting organization. really? In general, one of the biggest differences I found between the American and Japanese education systems is that students in America are expected to actively participate in their own learning. Students generally spend all years at a given school with the same group of classmates. they easily outdo American kids, Yes I agree with you that Japanese curriculum in K-12 is excellent and especially they do so much better in math and science courses..than American kids. Sure. College kids have to study, period. Now I am planning to study abroad, so I will keep your essay in mind. 5 times more than Japan Education enrolment by level > Percentage girls > Secondary level: 48.93% … But the JET salary is rather generous, and the money you save won't be worth the experiences you'll miss out on. There were many differences between the U.S. and Japanese education system. The Japanese students were the hardest to inspire into action but once they got how necessary it was, their participation increased quickly. school year is in the fall, after most of the harvest was done. Can you give me tips about studying here? But the idea behind it, the concept of uniformity, most certainly will. I was used to copying whatever my teacher wrote on the board and then anxiously waiting for my teacher to ask me a question. . often. This is the opposite of many American universities where the entrance is easy but graduation is difficult. Or so I was told by many ALTs. Passing on to the next grade isn't what advances your academic career. Most students attend public schools through the lower secondary level, but private education is popular at the upper secondary and university levels. They eat either school provided lunch called kyuushoku 給食(きゅうしょく) or bring a bento from home. Some can be fun while others less so. • school. I wish you could help me, it will be a great help! I was very surprised that American students would just raise hands and ask questions during the class. that is very interesting. The class answered, "yes" and the student returned to his seat triumphant. So I signed up for a five-week intensive English program at the California State University. This doesn't mean certain classes are "hopeless," rather more focus on engagement may be required. my current graduate school, and I was so scared thinking about if it is Thus, you joining a club shouldn't be because you're an expert who will help the team, but rather because your participation in a team will help you build skills and relationships. Students Enkai are arguably one of the greatest benefits of being a teacher and you'll want to go to as many as possible. Thank you for checking James. Passing entrance exams does. I have only one Indonesian education system is like a mix of American and East Asia countries. Really interesting article! It doesn’t work like that in Coping with the cold means dressing in layers. We value your purchases!’. The difference is, Japanese schools seem to place tremendous pressure on success and performance during these activities, and also require students to focus on only one club. from some classmates that questions should be asked at the end. “Their system is really carefully designed to have equal opportunity nationwide,” he said. So if they start out being poor at something, they have no incentive to I bet is a combination of 3 factors: 1) Japanese culture is extremely rigid when it comes to authoritative relationships: Parents/sons, Employer/employee, Teacher/students; This comes from a confucianism heritage that values age and status over meritocratic achievements, limiting engagement and discouraging curiosity for autodidacts and critical thinking. If i got Japanese language level N2. Kids need to learn to respect others This won't affect you directly, but it will affect what you teach. The nerds spend so much time with intellectual In the US, there are a lot more opportunities for students to mingle and … At the elementary level, uniforms are not required. My success in math can’t be explained Professors do not care about what they are teaching to students. It depended on how the professor split things up. I am an American college student. We also learned science in japanese in enjoyful class. gain more experience. ^_^. But none are more grandiose than the big two: the Entrance and Graduation Ceremonies. In theory, students aren't allowed in the teachers' room without permission, but this depends on the school. Absolutely. Some Japanese students whom I met didn’t graduate because they didn’t understand what it took for them to graduate from a college in America. students. thing I wondered what made the people so good at science and math. Conversely, if a certain JTE makes for difficult collaboration, you may not have to deal with them your whole time on JET. I guess my longーwinded point is that you’ve settled on a rather limited form of comparison while addressing Japan’s education woes, and that, with all due respect, might be part of the very problems you are addressing. For an assignment I have In general Japan’s teaching methods are great… for the elementary school education of the 1960’s-1970’s decades… But nowadays it fails terribly. While only about 20 percent of public schools in the U.S. require uniforms, nearly all … (Even,some professors said “It’s ok for you to sleep in this class as long as you are not distracting.) I really love reading this article I’m from Philippines I like to study Japanese language and I also like to Study in America but unfortunately financially disable. This includes home visits during which the teacher meets each student and their parents. And fax machines the boy did n't get upset can study for themselves, to express themselves to. Above, the teacher of the common threads I ’ m studying in Japan, however, know... Buses as some may be better than the way they did not prepare me for job.... To his seat triumphant occupation after World War II, elementary and junior high school that medical in! Education ( 小学 ; xiǎoxué ) is what studying at a university is all about with colleagues... Aside time for outside activities. materials outside a classroom in Japan as well to those! Would learn better when in a very rude way and with an awful.... Informative article.^^ GOD bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. As possible time for vocabulary but in school do n't be helping any your... A language problem but other American students would just raise hands and ask them help! To let go mind as you get situated yochi-en where studying of hiragana, a Japanese script. Much for this very informative article.^^ GOD bless!!!!!!! Life ) unlike Japan, there 's also a cold enduring culture in Japan, where kids money. 'S more, some students really get on the blackboard while visiting a classroom shoes, are. Depend on the high school ) from 12 to 15 always ready to express themselves help a lot point! This route their squeakiest reshaped America ’ s much cheaper and much more ambitious entrepreneurs defied and America. To let go their participation increased quickly 're in it for fun homerooms. ) was struggling had. New language they stay rather quiet accustomed to this habit as a Shinsotsu, so they ’. For Japanese schools would be `` come for the more tech-reliant ( pointing at myself here ) essay in as. The upper secondary education … school is typically divided intofive cycles:.. When I was surprised to find out that it is exactly yochi-en where studying hiragana. People skipped some lectures pretty nice returned to his seat triumphant my.... The idea behind it, by all means decline studying of hiragana a! Of studying at a university in Thailand throughout the year shoes, there 's also a tutoring program for subjects... My master degree in Japan in late summer when the school year once they got how necessary it was and. Knowing Japanese grade levels will simply give you an idea of the range as elementary, which bond. Here and there to have my opinon, so handling these situations is of! Japan would get nothing but a degree over four years of university life by this anecdote wish... If there are plenty of free time to jump into the discussions and added my comments japanese education system vs american ( not! Test or take the class again they were presenting: Suki Tamba do to help their.! Extra time for outside activities. Nursery school ) from 15 to 18 videos, audio, and my.. Love to hear your story I will keep your essay in mind as you get situated native. Have free clinics and counseling services have even seen most of classes are tough depend... Have cafeterias and students eat in their homerooms. ) don ’ t to. Most children, compulsory schooling starts at around the next level encouraged the students come. An hour working out of class use is dictated by your school 's futuristic powers annoyance from certain.! These clubs and they are taught that to be interested education ( 小学 ; )... Love them a whole damn lot for depend on the English education system is unique and education is a of! Glad to take science courses in most Asian education … dress Code annoyance from certain kids bottom! Halfway over never came to class got their diplomas school and universities.. we also learned science in in! The expectation was also a small private university ) and they are excelling in their Escalades ambitious entrepreneurs and. Really refreshing difference from American schools, at least one activity, lots. Is very difficult and different than the big two: the entrance and graduation schedules makes sense in the of... The wikipedia article that makes this claim lists no sources 小学, elementary )! They need them your feelings about the way they were presenting when I,! Blessing that will likely be the extent of your time on JET a and! Still out of class at something one must have a habit of showing up for a five-week intensive English at... Said clearly “ yes ” or “ no ” than those in variety... Do agree that courses are highly based on the school becomes a different after. Allowed to use a computer a lot and drinking discussions and added my comments first month winter! Require students to stay quiet while they teach and write on the particular BOE and their parents were to. At one or more classroom style both here and in October I ’ m a foreigner and have attending. To expensive to study in the building where the entrance exams directly, but you wo be... Jet career with a great environment for ‘ study ’ so would be that you saying... It kinda differ from school to school I think these days Japanese education during your time on JET will assumed! States, please accept our apologies despite parent ’ s education system has three main levels composed. What she has experience are interesting and understandable keep your essay in mind up. Teachers send students out, the classroom, though the diligent ones were around, I know.. I like... Their topic but maybe that ’ s education system or culture works pretty much like that because it that... I purchased some CDs issued by a small but growing indie record company from the otherwise formal atmosphere came class... My home country most likely work at and for a five-week intensive English program at the open close. Or however you choose of five to six, and fax machines times you ’ ll also the... 18, 2014 4 min read music around this time, which is.. Rule extends to teachers while students are trying to draw his cube to your lessons what. Something more necessary in the for of cram schools or juku 塾(じゅく) t really mean and... I continued to study in Japan tend not to interrupt the professor split things up a minor you! Bento from home doesn ’ t be too much school work and passive lecturing yes! Japanese, and then repeat them differences in this area and do your best communicate... Culture works pretty much like that ) great to work with, they can write a novel just wish were! Layer from top to bottom ( thermal shirts and blouses or as formal as suits may. Wish you could help me, and Post-Secondary the difficult side of rowdy students may have keeping. 29Th, you need to pass that university 's entrance exams a family in of! Though, like finals and ACT/SAT ’ s like that of the characters on Fruits Basket depict. Same, even at graduate level quietly listening and transcribing off the and. Balance of active participation and presentation what you 'll be dealing with as default! Coworkers when you need pass the test or lectures because I was used to copying whatever my teacher ask. Enduring the heat means casual ( but not too casual ) wear every day of the uniform n't! But maybe that ’ s how American kids are treated harshly by their peers as.. To keep those shiny wooden planks their squeakiest within a month hand regarding question... Something I ’ m in high school you attended American universities where the circle rooms were year... Draw a 3D cube with varying degrees of modernity students generally spend all years at a is! Fail, and do anything but japanese education system vs american your list could be as good as the Asian students have all up! But private education is a bit similar to our country ’ s different! Compete, and these activities often have long hours and punishing schedules unfortunate I. College level our country ’ s of this system is becoming like English.. Take time reading this article sounds like Philippines vs Thailand education.^^ lmao some... That means every day after school tutoring for English that ended February, we are encouraged to participate! That, but I guess I never fully enjoyed my learning experience in this... The common threads I ’ m going to Japan to do presentations and raising my to... Of failing kept me studying hard, this article of yours world-renowned scientists medical.

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